Who's Streets, Our Streets!

Fght for the Right of The 2nd Annual Trans Day of Action to March & Rally on 8th Avenue

Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality,
Outstanding LGBT Person of the Year

QEJ: Why We March

FIERCE Victory

QEJ Victory Over Homeless Services Discrimination

Christian Right and White House targets of Direct Action

This Saturday, the Campaign to End AIDS finally hits D.C.

HIV Medicaid & Medicare Workgroup Action Alert

AIDS group rejects Alito for high court

PFLAG Expresses Grave Concern Over the Supreme Court Nominee

HIV rates among gay Blacks called ‘genocide’

A Hither to Unpublished Pasolini Poem

Forum: Fighting The Religious-Right's Holy War on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Queers

AIDS Writer LeRoy Whitfield Dies of AIDS

Court Orders Records of Protesters' Prior Dismissed Cases to be Resealed

Massive Brazil LGBT Pride

Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Unanimously Approves Parliamentary Bill to Free Aids Drug PatentsAIDS Activists Demand Brazil Issue Compulsory Licenses on Drugs

Philippino Revolutionaries Hold Gay MarriageAnother Queer World is PossibleDispatch II from the International AIDS Converence

Targeted NYC Non-violent Protest Defendants Still Await Sentencing


Updated: February 21, 2007

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12-4-2006 Out-FM

Hundreds Demonstrate at 6th Precinct Against Violent Attack on Black Gay and Trans Men

NY Anti-police Violence Rally
Hundreds Protest Police Violence Across from West Village Precinct
Shakur Trammel Speaks Out on His Arrest


Reports from the International AIDS Conference in Toronto Canada



HCW Protest

9:30am During the opening plenary of the International AIDS conference today, AIDS Activists protested the brain drain caused by wealth countries "poaching" health care workers from poor countries with HIV epidemics.


Demand Universal Access for All People Living with AIDS

TORONTO, August 16, 2006 - At about 9:00 a.m. today, fifteen AIDS activists temporarily shut down southbound traffic on University Avenue in front of the United States Consulate General by forming a human chain to protest the lack of a commitment from the U.S. to ending the AIDS pandemic during the week of the International Conference on AIDS. Demonstrators decried the lack of international progress since the 2001 and 2006 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on AIDS declarations to fight AIDS around the world. more...



Generic Kaletra NOW!


Dozens of AIDS activists from around the world confronted Abbott Laboratories representatives at the International AIDS Conference today demanding they hand over the patent to generic companies in poor countries and drop the price of the drug. New versions of the powerful protease inhibitor no longer require refrigeration.AIDS activists say that Abbotts refusal to make the drug available at affordable prices to people with AIDS in poorer countries is criminal.


Big Pharma Quit India

Big Pharma Quit India More than 150 AIDS Conference Participants Protest Brand Name Pharmaceutical Companies pressure on the Indian government to grant them patents on many drugs. Activists say World Trade rules that tighten patent rights in favor of multinational pharmaceutical companies will make AIDS drugs, particuarly 2nd and 3rd generation AIDS drugs too expensive for poor people in India and arround the world.


Bush Prevention Policies Criticized:

Dozens of AIDS activist protest the extreme emphasis on HIV testing by the bush administration rather than a comprehensive approach to AIDS that ensures that all who test positive can obtain affordable treatment.

Next on Out-FM

Monday August 14, at 11am

John Riley reports live from the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Marle Becker interviews Marty Moran, the author of the Trickey Part, and Broadway performer.

Monday August 7, at 11am

Pedro Angel Serrano interviews Out Music award Best New Male Performer Dudley Saunders. Saunders shares some very interesting perspectives on activism and our current political situation. Saunders discusses his participation in ACT UP in the late 80s.

Dudley Saunders

Dudley Saunders

Brad Taylor interviews George Azzi of the Beirut-based LGBT center, Helem,  about the crisis in Lebanon and its impact on LGBT people and the general population. Click here to find out what you can do.

Click here to listen to the show.

Monday, July 31, at 11am

Queers and Lebanon

Brad Taylor brings us some queer activist responses to the Israeli war of terror, and Pedro Angel Serrano interviews Martine, a Limp Wrist band member.

Limp Wrist is an openly gay band.
fags hate god

Monday, July 24th, 11am

Fish Don't Fly

Join Out-FM for an audio peak at a video about the ex-gay movement from the viewpoint of the ex-ex-gays themselves.

Special Report:

Gay Marriage Reversal in NY State

John Riley reports from Thursday's pro-gay marriage rally sponsored by Empire State Pride Agenda at Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village. Plaintiffs, lawyers, advocates and elected officials express disappointment and anger over the recent New York Court of Appeals ruling saying same-sex marriage is not required by the constitution. Speakers lay out their plans to achieve legal recognition for same-sex couples to a crowd of more than 700. Seven rallies occurred statewide in protest.

Click here to listen. To save, rightclick and "Save link as," then specify folder to save to.

Click here to watch the broadcast on your video I-pod or a current version of I-tunes

July 10, July 17th Pre-empted for Summer Funddrive

Monday, July 3, at 11am

On today’s show we’ll be discussing with Andy Humm of Gay USA  an attack on free speech launched by Verizon, and other telephone and cable companies.

We’ll be hearing an excerpt from a public interview of Edmond White that was organized by the New York Public Library and hosted by Paul Holdengraber

Paula Ettlebrick of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission  will tell us about an upcoming vigil at the Iranian Mission to the UN, to protest the execution of 2 gay men last year.

We’ll have an obituary of Denise Denton, a pioneer who championed the inclusion of women and people of color in the sciences. First we’ll start with the attack on free speech.

LGBT Pride Special Sunday, June 25th, 10am-6pm

Join the Out-FM collective. the Beyond the Pale collective and programmers from sister station WPFW for 4 hours of the LGBT Pride Special, then listen to programmers from KPFA give their views on pride from Berkeley in the remaining 4 hours.

Click HERE for more info.

Monday, June 19th at 11am

The LGBT World Pride event titled "Love Without Borders" is scheduled to occur August 6 - 12 in Jerusalem. Hosted by Jerusalem Open House, West Jerusalem's LGBT community center, the event is being widely hailed as a significantly progressive milestone in gay liberation, and gay people from around the world are expected to visit Israel for the march and other activities.

But there is widespread disagreement about the political appropriateness of holding a world pride event in Israel in the present time of war between Israel and Palestine. Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, or QUIT - the accomplished anti-occupation direct action group from San Francisco - has called for a boycott of the events and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission has also issued a statement of non-participation. (more...) (Click HERE to listen.)

Monday, June 12th at 11am

Jason CianciotoBob Schwartz

Jason Cianciotto of NGLTF (left) Bob Schwartz GLN (right)

Out-FM host John Riley explores the Third Wave of the Ex-gay movement with Jason Cianciotto, co-author of a National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) Report on the subject, and Bob Schwart of the Chicago based Gay Liberation Network.

The Gay Liberation Network plans a demonstration at Exodus International's Convention on June 27th. (click here for more...)

Click here to listen to show (8meg).

Click here to listen to a higher fidelity version. (25meg)

Click here to see the NGLTF report. If you are a teen being forced into ex-gay ministries, call 866-LGBTEEN

Monday, June 5, 11am

Out-FM host Pedro Angel Serrano looks back at Stonewall with author David Carter who authored "Stonewall : The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution."

David Carter's coverDavid Carter

Miranda Balkin examines the evidence for pre-exposure prophalaxis for HIV infection.

Click here to listen.

Monday April 30, 11am

May 31st Protest at UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS)

John Riley interviews Eustacia Smith and Aaron Boyle from ACT UP/NY about the upcoming protest organized by more than a dozen NY, Philadelphia and Baltimore groups. Click HERE to go to their website. Or go to www.ungassaction.org. To listen to the segment, click HERE.

Part 4 Lesbian Feminism Yesterday and Today

Elizabeth Brice brings us excerpts from the CLAGGS Dec. 2005 forum.

Click HERE to listen to the show.

Monday April 24, 11am

The LGBT Movement and Immigrant Rights

Brad Taylor interviews LGBT organizers about the planned May 1st immigrant rights marches.


Rep. Jim Sensenbrener, Republican, 14th Term
Wisconsin, 5th District. Author of draconian immigration bill which pushed millions of immigrants and their allies into action

Part 3 Lesbian Feminism Yesterday and Today

Angela Williams brings us excerpts from the CLAGGS Dec. 2005 forum. Click HERE to listen.

Monday, April 17th 11am

The Christian Right's Attack on Gay Marriage

Dr. Sylvia Rhue, of the National Black Justice Coalition and Reverend Patricia Baumgardner of the Metropolitian Community Church respond to excerpts of an interview with Reverend Erwin Lutzer, author of an attack on gay marriage called "The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage."

Reverend Edwin Lutzer Dr. Sylvia Rhue

Same-sex marriage opponent Reverend Erwin Lutzer

Pro-Gay Marriage Advocate Dr. Sylvia Rhue, National Black Justice Coalition Director of Religious Affairs

Brad Taylor brings us queer and other voices from the street from the April 10th, New York march for immigrant rights at City Hall.

Click Here to listen to the show (58 Meg)

Click Here to listen to a smaller file (12 Meg)

Monday, April 10, 2006
Host - Nancy Kirten
"Culture," 2nd excerpt from C.U.N.Y./C.L.A.G.S.
Lesbian Feminist Forum, guest and
call-ins (Nancy Kirten)
F.I.E.R.C.E. West Side Pier Curfew update (Brad Taylor)

Click HERE to listen.

Monday, April 3rd, at 11am


Suede performs on NYC

Host: Angela Williams

Brad Taylor interviews members of FIERCE, a people of color LGBT youth organization fighting gentrification in the West Village, about a recent victory and the struggles in coming months.

Marle Becker interviews out lesbian pop jazz singer Suede about her life on stage and out of the closet. For more info go to www.suedewave.com. She has some major changes in her schedule since the interview was recorded.

Pedro Angel Serrano interviews pop dance mucisian Brian Kent about his struggles within the recording industry against homophobia and decision to remain independent.

Click HERE to listen.

Thursday, March 9th at 8pm

On Thursday March 9 at 8pm, join Out-FM producers Liz Brice and Angela Williams for a critical look at Lesbian Feminism, from the "second wave" of feminism up until today.  Airing on the second day of WBAI's special programming for International Women's Day, we'll be playing clips from panel discussions that recently took place at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the CUNY Gradaute Center, entitled "Looking at Lesbian Feminism from 1970 – 2006: Conversations Across Generations".  Activists, scholars, writers, and artists, such as Staceyann Chinn, came together to discuss the life and problematics of Lesbian Feminism, as theory and practice.  For the first half of the program, we'll feature panel discussions that dealt with "The Body and Trans issues" and then "Artistic and Cultural Production" within Lesbian Feminist space, and for the second half, get your questions ready, because we'll have live discussion and call-ins with panelists from the CLAGS program, moderated by Angela and Liz.  We'll try to understand the political history of Lesbian Feminism, and today, where we need to go in understanding and practicing feminist sexuality, identity, community & movement.

Click HERE to listen

March 6, 2006 "Raising Boys without men" and a Queer look at Queens St. Patricks Day

Tune in Monday March 6th from 11am to noon for a discussion with Dr. Peggy Drexler about her new book "Raising Boys Without Men."

Dr. Peggy Drexler Dr. Peggy Drexler

Less than 25% of families have a male and female raising children together. The number of single mothers has tripled to 10 million. Two mom families are increasingly coming out.  Dr. Peggy Drexler debunks the myth that women raising men alone will feminize boys. Out-FM member Marle Becker interviews Dr. Drexler about her new book called “Raising Boys Without Men”.

Miranda Balkin will also have a round up of the non-exclusionary, LGBT positve St. Patricks Day Parade in Queens with Brendon Fay. Nancy Kirten brings us an interview with Identity House healer Dyaah.

Click HERE to listen

February 13, 2006, "Alice Walker, A Life"

Tune in Monday, Febrary 13th  from 11am to noon on WBAI (99.5FM) or at www.wbai.org, for an Out-FM special about the life of famed writer Alice Walker. Out-FM member’s Angela Williams and John Riley interview biographer Evelyn C. White about her book, “Alice Walker, A Life”. The special is a part of WBAI’s fund drive. Be sure to renew your membership to keep WBAI alive and so you can vote in this falls Local Station Board Elections and keep the station true to its mission. The station is offering the book, “Alice Walker, A Life” as a premium for $100 and the DVD of Amy Goodman’s recent interview with Walker for a $100 pledge. Both are available for a pledge of $175. Basic membership is $25.

January 30, 2006

"Book of Daniel" series canceled by NBC as result of American Family Association (AFA) pressure campaign and low ratings. The AFA's homophobic projects can be found here.To contact the local NBC affiliate e-mail them at: nynews@wnbc.com

Peter Jonas interviews James Howe on his new book "Totally Joe"

John Riley interviews William Meyerhofer about the TalkSafe and Pluses counselling program for gay and bisexual men. For further information and to schedule an appointment contact them at 212-604-1500, on the web at www.talksafe.org, or e-mail them at talksafe@talksafe.org.

Click HERE to listen

January 23, 2006

Laurel Hester, a lesbian dying of cancer, is fighting for the right of Stacey Andree, her lover and domestic partner, to Laurel's pension. Hester is a former Ocean County New Jersey police officer who investigated the mob. Out-FM host Marle Becker interviews Stacey Andree and Dane Wells, her former police partner, about the fight.

Out-FM hosts Angela Williams and Brad Taylor interview Christine Quinn, an out lesbian and newly elected speaker of the New York City Council about her goals as speaker. Miranda Balkin hosts.


December 5, 2005

*Join Out-FM on Monday December 2nd for excerpts of a forum on the astonishingly high rate among Black gay men in 5 US cities and some round-up coverage of World AIDS in NY, in a segment by John Riley

*Pedro Angel Serrano will also offer his humorous perspectives on queer culture.

*Peter Jonas's review of the play,"Three dollar bill"

*And a special announcement.
New Jersey has a Law Against Discrimination. They want to add 4 words that would protect Trans folk, "gender identity or expression". You can support it by going to http://www.njlgc.org or http://www.tinyurl.com/c65ph, the Bill number is A3678/S2437. It goes to the NJ State Assembly judiciary committee for a hearing this December 8th.

November 28, 2005

Host: Angela Williams

*Find a Condom in Your School-interview with Sarah Howell from Community HIV/AIDS Movilization Project.

*Pills Profit Protest: Interview with Ann D'Adesky producer of a film on the global AIDS treatment access movement.

*Screaming Queens, an interview with the film maker. Segment by Christina Handhart

November 21, 2005

Host: Miranda Balkin

*Singer songwriter Julie Loyd is interviewed by Pedro Angel Serrano.

*Joan Nestle reading. (from Lesbian Herstory Archives) edited by Miranda Balkin.

Click HERE to listen to segment

Coming soon, FCC censored version of Nestle reading.

Twelve arrested at Family Research Council protesting abstinence-only advocacy

Click here to hear Out-FM report

Twenty nine arrested at White House protesting ineffective abstinence-only HIV prevention policy

Click here to listen to Free Speech Radio News Report


Next on Out-FM:

WBAI to Feature Extended Interview About Christian Right's Key Role in Bush's Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Policies

On Monday, Oct. 17 from 11:00 am-1:00 pm, Out-FM, WBAI Radio's (99.5FM) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender progressive public affairs program, will broadcast a special on the rise of the Christian Right and the unique role it plays in the Bush White House.

The program will feature an interview with Esther Kaplan, author of "With God on Their Side: George W. Bush and the Christian Right" - presently being re-released in paperback form by New Press.

Kaplan, a long-time AIDS activist and journalist, delivers an extraordinarily thorough analysis of how the Bush Administration makes policy decisions in the area of gay rights, AIDS, women's reproductive freedom and science policy. The rise of the Christian Right has been ridiculed by many, but Kaplan reveals the high level of political consolidation on what used to be a fractious right wing. Her
book offers many lessons for those in the LGBT movement and those in the progressive community on the need for higher levels of organizing.

Kaplan will be interviewed by Out-FM producers John Riley and Brad Taylor. Also appearing will be Eric Sawyer a representative from a coalition organizing a demonstration at the offices of Concerned Women For America, a religous right lobby group, in Washington DC as a part of the Campaign to End AIDS day of action. Activists will hold a non-violent civil disobedience at the White House to protest the devasting influence of religious right lobby groups such as Concerned Women for America, the Traditional Values Coalition and others, on HIV/AIDS Prevention.

The special program is a part of WBAI's Fall Fund Drive.
Kaplan's book will be available as a premium for those who pledge at a particular rate. WBAI is a noncommercial, listener-sponsored station that is part of the progressive Pacifica Radio Network. Pacifica hosted the country's first radio discussion with openly gay people in the late 1950s, and WBAI hosted the first regular program about gay issues in the 1960s.

Listen to Part 1 of the special and consider pledging on line at the $85 dollar level and we'll send you "With God On Their Side" as a gift.

Listen to Part 2 of the special and pledge on line or call 212-209-2950.

Keeping track of who the major players are is sometimes difficult. In the photo sections below we provide photos of a number of key players in the battle over "Abstinence-Only" education vs effective HIV/AIDS prevention.

Photo's of:

Christian Right leaders

Christian Right "Truth Squad"

President's AIDS Advisory Council (PANCHA)

Come to Panel Discussion with Esther Kaplan on the Attacks on HIV/AIDS Prevention by the Christian Right

HIV Prevention Demonstration in Washington DC

To learn more about the upcoming demonstration at the Concerned Women for America and the White House call John at 917-653-7267 or e-mail n7action@gmail.com

Hundreds of members of the Campaign to End AIDS march thru the Lincoln Tunnel on a March to Washington DC (October 15, 2005)
For information on the Nov. 7th March on the offices of Concerned Women for America, call John Riley at 917-653-7267 or e-mail n7action@yahoo.com

October 3, Host - John Riley
*Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA) Interview with Shirlene Cooper NyCAJN Community Organizer (20 min), Producer: John Riley
Note: The demo has been postponed a month until
November 5-8. There will still be a march beginning a
few weeks before that. For more info go to nycahn.org or http://www.campaigntoendaids.org

*Interview with Michael Nord, a Danish Gay activist:
(20 min), Producer: Miranda Balkin
*"Agent 409" writing circle clips, (5 min), Producer:


Republican Congressman David Drier Outed

by Brad Taylor, with additional reporting by John Riley

When Tom Delay was forced last week to step down as House Republican Majority Leader by his indictment in Texas for criminal conspiracy involving illegal campaign contributions, journalist Doug Ireland reported on his website direland.com, as did the N.Y. Times, that House Speaker Dennis Hastert initially indicated ranking California Representative David Dreier to succeed Delay.   This appointment ran into stiff opposition in the House Republican Caucus resulting in the naming late that day of ultra-conservative Missouri Rep. Roy Blunt to succeed Delay as Majority Leader - with Dreier relegated to a support role of assisting Blunt with his duties.

Reportedly, some Republicans were opposed to Dreier because Californians already hold several committee chairs in the House.   But there are two other important reasons why Dreier would likely be opposed by his Republican colleagues as a possibility for majority leader.   The first is that Dreier is commonly believed to be gay.   The second is that he has declined to acknowledge his sexual orientation as gay and has been very effectively outed by Mike Rogers on his website Blogactive.com.   Dreier has lived with his chief-of-staff Brad Smith for many years. 

To have a majority leader who is a closeted gay man who has already been outed far and wide and is under attack for his arch-homophobic voting record would be a big liability for the scandal-ridden Republicans.   Beside Delay being forced out as House Majority Leader, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is also under investigation for the leaking of the identity if the CIA operative in the on-going scandal involving close Bush adviser Carl Rove, and the president's own popularity is waning rapidly as his association with the botched federal management of emergency efforts in Hurricane Katrina and the increasing non-viability of the American occupation of Iraq continue to damage his credibility.

Dreier is a powerful 12-term congress member -- chairman of the House Rules Committee, chairman of the California Republican House delegation, co-chairman of Californians for Bush, chairman of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's transition team.   His noted anti-LGBT legislative record has advanced him within the generally homophobic Republican Party.    He opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would have banned discrimination against gay people in hiring; voted for the gay-bashing Defense of Marriage Act; voted for banning adoption by gay and lesbian couples in the District of Columbia; voted to allow federally funded charities to discriminate against gays in employment; and voted against the Hate Crimes Prevention Act which was just passed in Congress last week.   

As the House considered amending the pending Hate Crimes Prevention Act on September 14, Dreier voted against the Conyers Amendment that added LGBT people to the list of those to be protected by the law (the amendment passed 223-199). The final bill was passed on Wednesday by the exact same margin as the pro-gay Conyers amendment.   Dreier has also voted against the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program designed to give shelter to the impoverished sick, and against funding for the federal AIDS Drug Assistance Program that furnishes under insured working people and the poor with the AIDS meds they need to stay alive.

Rep. Blunt is also a leading anti-gay advocate in Congress.

Jeffrey Berkowitz   was also outed this week by Mike Rogers on blogactive.com. Berkowitz is the recently appointed liaison of the Bush Administration to the Jewish community.

Photo shows Jeff Berkowitz

Jewsweek ran a cover story on the story. Here's a snippet of what they had to say, "So what's the big deal about exposing the sexual preferences of a Washington insider? Surely Berkowitz is a relatively small fish in the Beltway homosexual aquarium. Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender activists profess outrage that Berkowitz, in a high-profile spokesman position, is not practicing what he preaches -- or, more correctly, he is practicing one thing, quite a bit it appears, and preaching something altogether different. "

You can read more about the story at www.jewsweek.com.

Katrina Refief Efforts

Rainbow World Fund:    www.rainbowfund.org

Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children (FFLIC):  

Send checks to:

and/or call them at: (504) 522-5437   ext.248  or (504) 606-8846 (c) and/or e-mail them at (use all four e-mail addresses for the same e-mail):

Houma Indian Nation

Send checks to:

National Youth Advocacy Coalition www.nyacyouth.org

Washington D.C. anti-war activities:

"LGBT People Against the War" contingent will   be meeting at 11 am (EST), Saturday, Sept. 24th on the Elipse.Look for the large pink banner, "Bring the Troops Home NOW" (topped byPride flags!).   You can reach organizers of this contingent in advance at LGBTliberation@aol.com

The day is being organized by United for Peace and Justice and the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition - to find out more go to their websites at www.unitedforpeace.org and www.internationalanswer.org

Registration to take part in the nonviolent direct action/civil disobedience work on Monday: www.unitedforpeace.org/nvdaform.



March with ACT UP on LGBT Pride Day 11am Sun. 6/25

Gay men's chorus to present 15TH anniversary retrospective concert June 3rd.

Student Global AIDS Campaign/Global Justice
Benefit in NYC: Chocolate, Champagne and Michael Cunningham

ALP at May 1 Immigrants Rights Rally

Ms. Sophie Divine Presents

The Griot Circle


Forum: Fighting The Religious-Right's Holy War on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Queers

Revival! Churches Fighting Homophobia

Support Needed for M26 Activists Facing Jail Time for Anti-Iraq War and Anti-Occupation Civil Disobedience

People of Color Pride Events

PRIDE without Boundaries: Not Just A Party Anymore

Color Me Queer

Tara's Crossing

Non- Conforming Immigration Thru Film

Queer Immigrant Rights (QUIR) Social

Coast-to-Coast Coverage of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride on 8 Radio Stations

Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice

Black Pride NYC Benefit Screening & Talk Back     

The Power We Have: An Evening of Cultural Resistance

Reiki & Nutrition

Protest Anti-Queer Bigotry on St. Patricks Day