Last updated: July 1, 2003

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**Click here to listen to the 2nd 1/2 hour of OUT-FM for Monday July 7, 2003. As Jesse Heiwa interviews Karen Schneider on the Supreme Court's recent internet filtering ruling and the connections between that ruling and the court's Sodomy and Affirmative Action decisions. The court recently ruled constitutional laws which deny federal funds to libraries that do not have filters to stop "pornography" access to children.

**Christina Hanhardt talks with some members of the Brooklyn-based Griot Circle, a gathering of lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirit and transgender elders of all colors.

**Jesse Heiwa interviews former Weather Underground member Laura Whitehorn. Laura will discuss life underground as a Weatherwoman. The Weather Underground was an armed Marxist-Leninist revolutionary group that carried out symbolic attacks against US politico-military installations in the late 1960's and first 1/2 of the 1970's in protest of the Vietnam War and for the revolutionary transformation of American society. The underground group had many members, thousands of supporters and was able to keep out most government infiltrators.