AIDS Activists Demand Brazil Issue Compulsory Licenses on Drugs

Philippino Revolutionaries Hold Gay Marriage

Another Queer World is Possible

Dispatch II from the International AIDS Converence

Targeted NYC Non-violent Protest Defendants Still Await Sentencing

SF Grand Marshal Misses Pride to Fight Israeli Occupation

Chinese AIDS Activist Abused by Authorities

Presidential AIDS Advisory Council Voices Concern over Mason Financial Conflicts of Interest

12 Sentenced to Community Service: Four Await Sentencing in Corrie Protest Case

Another Chance to Support Rachael Corrie Protestors (aka DD16)

Iraqi Prisoners Sexually Abused by US Soldiers

White Whine: Reflections on the Brain-Rotting Properties of Privilege

Citing the DA’S Possible Failure to Turn Over Evidence Activists Move to Set Aside Verdict

Activists to be Sentenced for Protest of Rachael Corries Killing

Gay Marriage Poll on USA Today website

Keith Cylar Dies in His Sleep

Federal Election Commission Rules Threaten to Silence Nonprofit Advocacy

Housing Works Victorious in US Supreme Court

State Budget Late Again

Bush Blocks Generics-ACT UP Blasts Pharma

Nader Seeks to Attract Gay Voters

NY Times Fires Stringer for past ACT UP membership

Is Chicago Next?

ACT UP storms Abbott Labs Over 400% Price Hike on Norvir

HIV Rate Among Black College Students Rises

Church's Role in Defining Marriage in WI

S.F. Moves to Support Gay Marriage

Black/Gay Rights Linked in History

Filibuster Blocks "Gay Marriage" Oponents

Mexico City's Pink Zone Grows

Conservatives warn candidates to oppose gay marriage

President Mbeki Misrepresents Facts and Once Again Causes Confusion on

Stop the Radical Religious Right from Amending the U.S. Constitution

Senator Diez: Gay School is Gross Discrimination

Rocky Path for Gay Rights Despite Sodomy Decision

District Attorney’s Office Reneges on Plea Bargain for Homeland Resistance Case

State Senate Plans Brutal Medicaide Cuts

City Diverts AIDS Housing Monies

Police Raid Activist Fundraiser in Brooklyn

Black Gay Leadership Group Vanishes

Call me Corey (F2M transgender)

SLC gay men's health summit looks beyond AIDS

Rights Group Asks For Asylum For Gay Immigrant

Jon Cohen, Radical Organizer Dies

To Friends of Jon Cohen on His Passing

Vatican: Condoms don't stop Aids

WHO has faith in condoms

Support the Operation Homeland Resistance Defendants!

Amnesty International:Hartman Scheduled to Die Because He is Gay!




Gays Call On New Gov. To Oppose DP Referendum

New York Considers Anti-Bias Law For Schools

Military Anti Sodomy Law Under Review

Manifesto calls for safer sex to curb rise in HIV

Broudy Confronts His Attackers

Rev. Fred Phelps seeks anti-gay shrine Shepard memorial

Gun-packing gays feels safer armed

Indonesia Considers Outlawing Gay Sex

Gay Men Raped In Glasgow

S. Africa Passes Trans Identity Bill

Brandon Teena's killer loses another appeal

Lawsuit threatened over domestic partner legislation

Chelsea man beaten by anti-gay mob

Gay Pride March will be in Durham on Saturday

South African Gay man scores victory in appeal court

Gay rights activists seek arrest of reggae stars at Mobo awards

AIDS activists disrupt Karl Rove's speech at black tie College Republican soirée

Leaked Memo Shows President BetrayingPromise to Africa

MSNBC and the Anti-Gay 'Savage'


Last updated: May 25, 2005

Bank accounts for donations
Please help providing basic needs for refugees by sending money to the following temporary bank account:

Credit Libanais S.A.L Beyrouth
Agence Sassine
Client Name: Al Azzi Georges
Account number:  

OR Donate through PayPal from our donations page at

Wed., Aug 9: Walk for Peace!

Assemble 4:30 to 5:00 pm at the Military Recruiting Station, 41 Flatbush (at Schermerhorn)
Walk up Fulton Mall to Boro Hall
Rally and Vigil at Boro Hall 5:30 to 6:30 pm

From: "Brooklyn Parents for Peace"bpfp @
Subject: Wed Aug 9: Brooklyn Peace Walk
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 09:17:38 -0400 (EDT)

Brooklyn Parents for Peace Action Alert



In Lebanon, Gaza, and Israel, innocent civilians are dying!
More than 900 dead in Lebanon, plus more in Gaza and Israel; thousands wounded: innocent civilians, many women and children!
Weapons for this carnage are being supplied by the U.S. government, with a green-light by the Bush Administration to use them.


We call for:
**An immediate ceasefire by all sides; an end to all killing of cilivians, whether targeted or as "collateral damage"
**The adherence to international law and UN resolutions by all sides
**No sending of weapons to the region by the U.S. or any other country
**Negotiated exchange of prisoners by both sides
**Convening an international peace conference to negotiate a fair and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Join us in Brooklyn, Wed Aug 9: Walk for Peace!

Assemble 4:30 to 5:00 pm at the Military Recruiting Station, 41 Flatbush (at Schermerhorn)
Walk up Fulton Mall to Boro Hall
Rally and Vigil at Boro Hall 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Spread the word!!
E-mail is.pales @ for flyer which you can download and print, or call us at 718-624-5921 to pick up flyers which you can distribute and post.

Call our elected officials!!
Demand that they speak out for a ceasefire now!
Toll-free 888-355-3588

In the House of Representatives:
House Congressional Res. 450 calls for an immediate ceasefire.
Major Owens and Nydia Velazquez have signed on: if you are in their districts, call to thank them.
Vito Fossella, Jerrold Nadler, Ed Towns, and Anthony Weiner have not signed on:
Call 888-355-3588; demand that they sign on,

In the Senate:
Call Senators Clinton and Schumer; demand that they oppose the use of U.S. weapons against civilians under any conditions, and that they speak out against the terrifying human cost of the reckless Israel military actions, enabled and supported by the U.S. It's our tax dollars at work!

For more information, visit our website, or United for Peace and Justice





The Power We Have: An Evening of Cultural Resistance

Tara's Crossing

Reiki & Nutrition

Protest Anti-Queer Bigotry on St. Patricks Day