Last updated: May 25, 2005

Battle for Progressive Media

"Censoring AIDS Drug Pricing Controversy" for 65 Meg. file

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(May 23, 2005) For years AIDS activists have struggled to expose the real cost of production for AIDS drugs. When activists produced concrete evidence that generic versions of AZT and other early AIDS drugs were being produced by Indian Drug companies for $80/years supply vs. the $2500-$3500 being charged in the US, they faced an initial media black out. Eric Sawyer of ACT UP/NY discusses how he convinced ABC's Ted Koppel to run a story about this issue on Nightline in March 2000, only to have the crucial segment vetoed by the head of ABC News to avoid angering the programs sponsors. Sawyer also discusses the need for media reform and the founding of the ACT UP in 1987.