Last updated: April 6, 2004

Keith Cylar Dies

by terri smith-caronia

We are sad to announce the death of Keith Cylar, the Co-Founder and Co-President of Housing Works. Keith had lived with HIV for over 20-years and was diagnosed with AIDS in 1989. In the last year, Keith developed cardiomyopathy, a serious enlargement of the heart. He died in his sleep early Monday morning of a cardioarythmia.

Keith spent the last 20 years of his life working as an AIDS activist and built Housing Works into the largest and the most militant community-based AIDS services organization in the nation. Because of this work, thousands of formerly homeless people with HIV and AIDS are living safely in their housing; hundreds have found jobs, and thousands more have received other
vital services.

His fondest wish was to bring an end to both homelessness and AIDS and to ensure that nothing like these two plagues would ever devastate his people again.

In his memory we continue the struggle.

terri smith-caronia
Director, NYC Public Policy
Housing Works NYC Advocacy Department