Last updated: Sept. 20, 2004

Items Removed from Website

Some time ago, I removed the files relating to a June report on controversial subjects facing the WBAI Local Station Board (LSB) and Pacifica. I decided to put a note of explanation because the the link previously went to a non-existant page.

Under Pacifica by-laws there is a gag-rule that prevents programmers from talking about events at the station if they are critical, or support someone who is currently running for the board of directors.

While it is contradictory that listeners have the right to vote, yet don't have much in the way of reporting on the issues that face the station, those are the rules. Still there are options, there will be debates on the air. I encourage all listeners, whether you are a subscriber or not, to pay close attention to these debates as they will be the basis for people making choices on who to vote for, or against or abstain.

Pacifica is undergoing an event unique in the history of media democracy, your participation counts as the board will have powers of governance which will eventually, indirectly affect what goes on the air. It's worth spending the time to find out about the controversies.

As the campaign goes on, you will be able to find information about candidates on the WBAI website, including 500 word essays by the candidates. Additionally some slates or individuals may have their own websites. These are places to find information about everyone who is running. Additionally other media may cover aspects of the race.

Click HERE to go to WBAI's election page for a list of candidates running.