Last updated: June 24, 2004

Coast to coast first ever Pacifica Pride coverage 2004

1.    Stonewall Vets footage from a recent forum for David Carter's new book "Stonewall:  The Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution.

2.   Homophobia in communities of color, myth and reality : Ingrid Rivera speaks live with YK in an effort to demythologize the prejudice that Communities of Color are more homophobic than whites.  The discussion will define sources of this myth.

3.    The Lavender Scare :  Esther Kaplan from Beyond the Pale in a live interview with the author of this book on queer as a crime during the McArthy era, 20 minutes.

4.    No Pride in War :  Peter Jonas on queer resistence to the occupation in Palestine with guests from SF, NY, and from Black Laundry in Israel/Palestine

5.    Queer Youth  Pedro Seranno speaks with boy scout activist Gregory Letara Jr.

6.    Carolyn Connoly :  Spoken word piece about issues of tran-phobia and growing up in  Brooklyn. (approx 7 minutes)

7.    . Global day of actions:   Bush and AIDS with Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa

8.   Immigration :  Jackie Vimo covers war at home/war abroad, queer issues connected with immigration policy with South Asian immigrant Trishala Deb from Audra Lourde Project.

9.   Suzie Day :  short humorous commentary on marriage and anti-same sex love politics (approx 7 minutes)

Voices With Vision

North Carolinia group

Black Pride

NAPAW:  visibility, accountability, identities

Black Pride DC

Pakistan:  youth street sex workers

Transgendered of Color in US


Music and spoken word

Full Circle

Reports from streets/music/spoken word

Archive:  1st Pacifica interview with a [real live!] "homosexual"

Voices from the SF Dyke March; theme:  Dismantling Racism

Performance dialogue from Fresh Meat

Queer coloring book about queer families

Queer youth, racial identity and organizing

Margaret Cho

Crudas:  hip hop from Cuba