Coast-to-Coast Coverage of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Pride on Pacifica Radio

These are the sound files from Sunday, June 26th's broadcast, they are not precisely an hour. All are encoded at 128kbits. This makes them large, but have FM fidelity.

File 1 11:00-12:04pm

File 2 12:04pm-1:20pm

File 3 1:20pm- 2:25pm

File 4 2:25pm-3:29pm

File 5 3:29pm-4:29pm

File 6 4:29-5:39pm

File 7 5:39pm-6:54pm

File 8 6:54- 7:55pm

File 9 7:55-9:00


On Sunday, June 26, 2005 Pacifica Radio will broadcast a unique 10-hour coast-to-coast special called "Gays, God and Empire," including coverage of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) issues as well as LGBT marches occurring that day in New York, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta and other cities. WBAI/NY radio will co-anchor the special with KPFA/Berkeley, KPFK/Los Angeles, WPFW/Washington DC, KPFK/Houston, KGNU/Boulder & Denver, KFCF/Fresno, and WRFG/Atlanta. The special runs from 11am-9pm EDT. The coverage will be offered to 74 affiliates of the Pacifica Radio Network.

Topics to be covered include: LGBT immigration, gay marriage, the battle against the global AIDS pandemic, treatment of queers in countries resisting the US empire, queer comedy, movies and poetry, pre-Stonewall transgender activism, music by LGBT artists, the history of Stonewall, Black Pride and more. The eastern edition broadcasts from 11am to 3:30PM EDT and will include segments from New York, Washington DC, and Atlanta. The coast-to-coast pride coverage continues at 3:30 with the western edition, including contributions from the Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Fresno and the San Francisco Bay Area stations, ending at 9PM EDT.

You will hear the voices of organizers that are connecting the dots of oppressions, activists who can see that LGBT liberation needs to be done in the context of the liberation of other oppressed groups.

"Last year WBAI/NY and KPFA Berkeley covered pride marches collaboratively using satellite technology, this year we are expanding the coverage to 7 major metropolitan areas," according to Vini Beachem, Program Coordinator at KPFA.   The entire 10-hour broadcast will be streamed over the internet from: , , .

The Pacifica Radio Network, founded by conscientious objector Lew Hill, is comprised of 5 stations --New York, Washington DC, Berkeley CA, Houston and Los Angeles -- and 74 affiliate stations throughout the United States. Pacifica was the first radio network to carry gay and lesbian program content beginning in the 1950s and the first to carry regular programming from these communities.




Coast-to-Coast Coverage of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride on 8 Radio Stations

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