ALP at May 1 Immigrants Rights Rally

The Audre Lorde Project invites you to join us along with
organizations around the country and abroad to call for
immigrant rights on May 1st!

What's going on May 1st, 2006?

Actions are taking place in multiple cities around the U.S., as well as some places outside of the
U.S. around the theme "A Day Without an Immigrant".  Different groups/cities are calling for
different activities - including boycotts on US products, worker and student walkouts, and
demonstrations to remind people living in the US how much immigrants contribute to the
functioning of our cities and to support legalization for all people.

The Audre Lorde Project is participating in the afternoon rally at Union Square with the Queens-
based Immigrant Communities in Action contingent. The rally is organized by a coalition of
organizations including the Troops Out Now Coalition.

Stand with ALP to:

Show solidarity with immigrants and immigrant organizations all over the country in all the
diverse ways we will be demonstrating our resistance on Monday
Demand an end to raids and all other punitive measures being practiced against immigrants
in the face of these national protests
Support our collective right to protest

We participate because:

We say NO to all the pending legislation regarding "immigration reform"
We DEMAND access to permanent legalization for all people; and we oppose the
guestworker and gold card proposals, which create a permanent temporary status which will
continue the exploitation of many low wage workers among others
We say NO to increased border patrols and enforcement bodies, the wall on the border,
and increased plans for detention and deportation; we DEMAND the release of all people in
detention centers
We DEMAND the safety and self-determination for all, especially those most vulnerable in
this moment - including trans and gender non-conforming folks, low wage workers,
undocumented folks, youth, and those who are HIV+
We DEMAND a repeal of the HIV ban, as well as unrestricted access to every public service
and benefit for all people, regardless of citizenship, gender identity and HIV status
We CELEBRATE a growing movement to resist the unjust policies of the government of the
United States

If you wish to show your support, but cannot leave your workplace or attend the rally, you can still
participate in the nationwide actions by joining the boycott and buying nothing all day May 1st, or
by choosing to engage in other diverse or creative actions that make sense for you.

Meet us at the ALP banner at 4pm on 13th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

For more information or to find us on the day of the event, contact ALP at 718.596.0342.

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